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Historic & Real-Time Data API from SEC Filings

Streamline your research with our easy-to-use SEC Filings Data REST API. High quality data sets without the high price.

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Key Features

User-Friendly API

Industry-standard REST API for seamless access to JSON data and easy integration with your existing tools and platforms.


Affordable, straightforward pricing without compromising data quality. Free-trial and no long-term commitment.

Data Coverage

A wide range of high-signal data sets are available now. Additional data sets added periodically.

Unlock the Power of SEC Filings Data

Whether you're an institutional investor, hedge fund manager, individual investor, or financial analyst, our powerful financial data API offers the insights you need to make informed investment decisions. Access accurate, timely, and comprehensive data from SEC filings to fuel your research and analysis.

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Benefits for Investors

Better investment decisions

  • Conduct in-depth company analysis
  • Identify new investment opportunities
  • Monitor financial health and trends

Enhanced Risk Management

  • Evaluate corporate governance and conflicts of interest
  • Assess industry-specific risks
  • Monitor market conditions

Streamlined Portfolio Management

  • Optimize your portfolio with valuable insights
  • Gauge market sentiment
  • Identify emerging trends

Example Data Sets

All data is extracted from primary source SEC filings or other official SEC sources.

Insider Trades

Data from Form 3, 4 and 5 filings, disclosing insider stock transactions.

Institutional Ownership

Data from Form 13-F filings, disclosing quarterly institutional investment manager holdings.

Fund Portfolios

Data from NPORT-P filings, disclosing all portfolio holdings for registered investment companies.

Exempt Offerings

Data from Form D filings, disclosing private security offerings for hedge funds, REITs, startups, etc.

Effectiveness Notices

Data from Form EFFECT filings, disclosing the effectiveness of security registration statements.


Data from Form C filings, disclosing securities offerings from crowdfunded companies.

SEC Filing Index

List of historic and newly published SEC filings by company, type and date.

Form ADV

Data from Form ADV filings, disclosing data about Hedge funds, PE funds and VC funds.

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